New Heart Gathering

Who are We?


Charleston has lots of church gatherings. There are a couple on most street corners, a few in every block. They come in every shape, size, and flavor, and many of them are doing great things. We don’t want to take from them or just add another option. We want to be something different. If you’re still looking, with so many choices around you, chances are you want something different too.

New Heart Gathering is a covenanted group of believers in Jesus, seeking the Kingdom of God. What does that mean? It means we love each other and are committed to each other. It means we want nothing less than God’s best for ourselves, for each other, and for our community. We’re part of making that happen, and we‘re in it for the long haul. We want to be a catalyst for change.  

We are also a part of the City Church of Charleston, SC, a network of local gatherings of believers in the greater Charleston area. Not a denomination, this group of gatherings is bound by a desire to see the Kingdom of God expressed in our city.


What are we thinking?


We believe in restoration. What has been lost or taken away, Jesus came to give back. He returns us to God and then begins to restore our lives to everything He planned. Where we’ve been battered and bruised, where relationships have been broken, where disappointment, bitterness, loneliness or anger have taken root, His unfailing love goes to work. One by one He restores us, He restores our city, and He restores His Church. He gives us the exchanges found in Isaiah 61: beauty for ashes, hope for a broken heart, joy for our losses and crowns of victory over the heavy burdens life can sometimes bring. We don’t believe these are just pretty words or empty promises. This is real life, and this is our journey, together.



God said early on that it’s not good for man to be alone. That‘s true for each individual and for the Church, where unity and oneness are essentials. Desiring to move beyond the division of denominations, we believe there is only one Church universal, with many expressions in each locality. This unity begins with our commitment to each other in sharing our lives and expands as we network with other gatherings locally and beyond.


Everyone at NHG has a part that is essential to the whole.  We remind ourselves and each other that this is a “No Parking” zone: we‘re not just here to sit and take up space!  We desire and expect each one to bring the specific part that he or she carries, so that we all may benefit and grow together. Though many come in weak or wounded from life’s battles, we know with love and time they are ready to join our work in progress.  We believe in reciprocal relationships. If you’d like to contribute to this ministry financially, please click here and learn more about how we are funded.


The Kingdom of God is within you, and you carry it wherever you go. It’s greater than any cultural, economic, or societal label. It’s how God reaches out beyond the spaces that have traditionally tried to confine Him and into every realm of influence. We carry Him into business, education, government, art, and every place our lives take us. These are our spheres of influence, our mission fields, and the places we live out our lives freely and fully in Christ.


Our Pastors:

Todd & Karon Hadley

Todd & Karon have 4 children and are the founding pastors of New Heart Gathering. Together, alongside these amazing people called New Heart, they have continuously shared and modeled the safe place narrative for over 14 years. A safe place for people to discover who and how God really is and, in turn, who they really are in light of that discovery.