New Heart Gathering


What’s the Story?


NHG was born in 2004

The journey that got us here started long before that, but that’s a story for another place. In August 2004 a group of believers discovered it was time to find out if all they’d imagined church could be was really possible. They met for the first time in a living room, a beloved gathering place of family and friends, a place that was always safe and always welcoming. It was their sanctuary. From there the gatherings grew, finding new friends and trying out new locations through the years, but always determined to be a safe and welcoming place, living out the belief that the Church is not a building or place you go, but a people you are with. The excited group of saints, determined to share their lives in a new and very real way, were led from the beginning by Todd and Karon Hadley, who continue as pastors today.

 What do you say?

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We are Bible-believing.

We believe that the Bible is not a work of man but a work of the Spirit of God, breathed into men who wrote it down as the ever-enduring Word of God.


We are Spirit-filled.

As a Bible-believing fellowship, we believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and the things He did we do through His life-giving Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit still works mightily in and through His people just like He did in the days of the early church and has throughout its history.

We are on-the-go.

We can’t limit the Church to a couple of weekly meetings at a specific time and place. The Spirit of God is always at work around us, and we want to be with Him! Our regular gatherings, while essential, are just the beginning. We stay on call, ready to go whenever and wherever He is working


We are here for the next generation.

There is no junior Holy Spirit. Children absorb much of the Spirit’s activity in the gathering of the saints and often have something to bring. We purposefully keep them within reach of their family during our times together, so they may be included. All of us share the responsibility of overseeing the children during these times, mindful that we are together raising up the next generation. Sometimes it gets a little loud, but it’s always worth it!

 Meet Our Friends

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Rise network

New Heart Gathering is part of the Rise Church network facilitated by Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow.

The Gate community

The Gate is an equipping environment, aimed at helping the church in Charleston bring about a reformation of His love in this city. New Heart Gathering is thrilled to come alongside the Gate at Oasis, a citywide monthly gathering, and in the Jesus School of Ministry School, an equipping center for the greater Charleston area.

crown leadership academy

Crown Leadership Academy is a private, K-12 school committed to cultivating the minds, spirits and talents of each and every student. Crown believes God has a unique plan for every child that includes using his or her specific gifts to change the world for good.